14 Best places to eat in Lonavala – Restaurants with photos and rating

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 Lonavala is quite possibly the most mainstream traveler objective in India. Around 14000 vacationers visit Lonavala consistently. There are more than 250 cafés in Lonavala. So it turns out to be extremely confounding for us to track down the best spot to eat in Lonavala with an ideal atmosphere.

 This is our fair rundown of the best food sources and eateries of Lonavala. We have by and by visited and tasted quick delightful cooking styles of all the beneath cafés. Every one of our viewpoints is fair and the normal appraisals have been gotten from Google map.


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1.  Maganlal Chikki (Since 1880): Rating 4.4/5

 An extreme after-feast ally for western India, Chikki items are enticing and mouth-watering convincing one to swallow over and over. Maganlal Chikkis is one such brand popular for assembling the astounding nature of Chikkis with special assortments to eat. Beginning from groundnut chikkis to solid dry natural product chikkis, Magalal chikkis serves the best of its items to its clients. Maganlal Chikki, which has many outlets there, is among the greatest makers of the sweet.

 The pioneers of Chikki, Maganlal Chikki began producing firm and unputdownable Chikkis way before autonomy and the rest is history. Their contributions have advanced over the long haul and presently serve the world. Be that as it may, what separates them is their top-notch and the capacity to clergyman novel kinds of Chikki to eat.

 2. Live Fudge Factory (New)

Lonavala is popular for some, things, slopes, cascades, journeys, chikki, and fudge! There are not many exceptionally popular chikki and fudge producing stores like Cooper's fudge, Maganlal' Fudge, and so forth

 Past this, the first run-through in Lonavala, a live fudge manufacturing plant is one of the fundamental attractions for people groups from Lonavala and any remaining voyagers. Live assembling, live bundling, and free inspecting accessible to eat. Everything before you. As we probably are aware Lonavala is an extremely jam-packed spot yet nothing to stress over on the grounds that this fudge processing plant gives you free stopping. They likewise give home conveyance.

 Here you can eat six distinct assortments of fudges in particular chocolate pecan, chocolate almond, plain chocolate, custard apple, strawberry, and mango, and all assortments cost Rs 300 for 250 gm. By and by, their impending assortments are rose, vanilla, butterscotch and all are sans sugar fudges.

 3. Hotel Rama Krishna: Rating 4.0/5

 Rama Krisha is eminent and considered as a part of the most pursued inns in Lonavala. The inn is strategically placed on the Mumbai-Pune Highway giving simple admittance to numerous well-known traveler objections of the slope station.

 This is one of the most seasoned and most popular cafés in Lonavala throughout the previous forty years clients have been presented with the best quality food to spoil the taste buds of clients and give them a warm eating experience. From a humble start, with a limit of 19 rooms and a South Indian vegan café, the Ramakrishna bunch has cut a specialty for itself in the inn business.

 4. Golden Vadapav: Rating 4.1/5

 Brilliant Vada Pav on Old Mumbai-Pune interstate is maybe the most pursued road food joint in Lonavala. There is no question about its ubiquity. At some random time, the spot is packed with supporters while the staff fries new vadas before them.

 Vadapav with inconceivable Chutney is the star of the dish! The Thecha is flavorsome and further upgrades the flavor of the hot, firm Vada Pavs, made directly before you in an enormous cluster. Brilliant Vada Pav serves the most delicious Vada Pav that you pine to have over and over.

 5. Mapro Garden: Rating 4.3/5

 In case you are in Lonavala and looking for a nice spot to eat, Mapro Garden is the opportune spot for you. Mapro Garden at their most current outlet in Lonavala. The café serves some delish frozen yogurt flavors, barbecued sandwiches, pizzas, and beverages. Begun as an independent venture delivering just strawberry jam, they presently are known worldwide for their organic product items like sticks, pounds, and squashes. Mapro Garden ruins us for decisions and gives analyzers to different items.

 6. Kinara Village Dhaba: Rating 4.1/5

 Kinara Village Dhaba is situated in the quiet rural areas of Lonavala, this diner is wonderful amazement for the eager voyagers. The spot is very mainstream among explorers and celebs the same and has been graced by the presence of a few prominent characters from Bollywood and legislative issues.

 In case you're the sort who adores North Indian food and a magnificent spread, you would truly prefer not to pass up visiting this Dhaba for a wonderful culinary encounter. Near the Karla Caves, this real and customary setting serves Indian top choices and has rural energy to it, with shamiana tents with pixie lights, palmistry (on specific events), bullock trucks, swings, and diwans, and surprisingly unrecorded music evenings.

 7. Ruchiprayog Hotel: Rating 4.5/5

 Ruchi Prayog is the food joint run by the manashakti research focus. The primary idea driving this is that food ought to be sound as opposed to simply delicious. On account of remodeling, the Ruchi focus presently has a very much ventilated huge space, bountiful regular light, and a great guest plan. Since the dishes are accessible at somewhat conservative rates contrasted with different inns in this slope station of Lonavla, numerous voyagers visit this middle. Due to redesign, these guests will currently have far and away superior offices. Of the dishes accessible here, batatewada and misal are especially famous!

 8. Maval Maratha: Rating 4.2/5

 In case you are needing some plain gavaran food to eat, you should attempt Maval Maratha Hotel at Lonavala. They have great guest plans. Maharashtrian, North Indian food accessible. They likewise give parking spots. They have a table setting just as Indian practice style guest plans.

 Maval Maratha inn is predominantly well known for the most bona fide Maharashtrian food. The chapatis and Bhaskar is are made by nearby women before you at the passage and the in a real sense empty love into it while setting them up. So no tradeoffs on the taste, in that capacity. A very much kept up with a place with great help and a truly decent mood for families.

 9. Hotel Interval Pure-veg: Rating 4.3/5

 As the name recommends the inside of this café is completely Bollywood topic-based, directly from gramophone to old film passes to the outfits of the unbelievable person.

 Presenting both Indian just as Chinese Vegetarian cooking styles, the café is popular for its South Indian dishes and a few more to eat. Ready with the most extreme polished skill and care. No café can make each cooking so great that you lick your finger with eating till the last chomp yet inn stretch unadulterated veg can.

 10. Hotel Panchavati Gaurav: Rating 4.0/5

 Panchavati Gaurav is a definitive decision for family social affairs, events, or for praising any celebration. With regards to Rajasthan and Gujarat, other than assorted qualities and an agrarian economy, food holds its remarkable character! A Rajasthani/Gujarati style thali, Now you realize what's in store, thali loaded with assortments. Aam ka Ras, Seasonal vegetables, two assortments of Dal, Roti, poori, kadi, two desserts, and so on

 Panchavati Gaurav is an exceptional mix of customary involvement in additional opportunities with regards to accommodation and food. Excessively great to the extent the food quality and the help level is concerned. The cost is simply higher. In general, a spot should visit to eat in case you are venturing out to Lonavala.

 11. Peacock the un-café: Rating 4.9/5

 Peacock is a dynamic consuming point setting with extraordinary music, shisha, a heavenly food menu, and false tails in Lonavala. The Restaurant has a subject to bring the Rest of India to one spot to eat together, Drink together, and Dance together. The rationale of the eatery is to bring families just as the Young Generation together to make some incredible memories alongside extraordinary food. They agreeably work with a party climate with a mix of food, Sheesha, drinks, and dance. It likewise serves Great Food, an assortment of Drinks, and stunning live DJs, all at a solitary spot with the astonishing vibe.

 12. The London shakes Lonavala: Rating 4.8/5

 Lonavala, a little town might not have your standard Starbucks or Krispy Kreme, however here are the absolute best bistros in Lonavala. London shakes is one of them.

 They give one-of-a-kind assortments of food and shakes with a superb feel. Here you will get such countless various sorts of shakes like Vintage shakes including Vanilla, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Mango, Rose, and so forth Organic product bubbles, various kinds of mojitos and according to name their claim to fame is London uncommon refreshments like Boomer impact, extraordinary saffron, Kesar badam, chocolate strawberry, rose rabri. To put it plainly, one of the must-visit puts in Lonavala.

 13. Papa's town: Rating 4.1/5

 In case you are searching for a veg Punjabi café in Lonavala, kindly result in these present circumstances spot and you will simply be stunned by the food quality and taste. They have unrecorded music in the evening, the food is barely out of the world, and by a long shot extraordinary compared to other Punjabi puts close to Lonavala.

 Charming climate with brief help and extraordinary food. Unrecorded music is the ideal cherry on the cake! It is unadulterated veg, family-accommodating and with the nice parking spot. Do visit here as you would prefer from Lonavala to Pune.

 14. Mummy's simple food: Rating 3.8/5

 According to the name recommends Mummy's simple food their forte is home-taking after food, particularly fish be it a prawn fry, sheep handi, bombil fry, or chicken handi.

 The food in this eatery is essentially the most delightful non-veggie lover feast that one can have at Lonavala! It is exceptional, maybe because it is cooked by relatives of the actual proprietors. The newness and taste of particularly the ocean depths are amazing! The hot, new, fresh, and yet delicate Bhakri-Jowari rotis are unbelievable. Sol-Kadis have the right taste. The eatery is extremely basic, clean