Why Do We Need Computer Monitoring Software?

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The need for computer monitoring software arises with the increased usage of digital networks and digital communication. Nowadays, if we talk about businesses, almost all the communication in the corporate world is done over the internet and digital networks.

On the other side, the kids are using digital networks for the accomplishment of academic activities in the Covid time. So, this pattern is threatening for kids and businesses in many ways. Let’s narrow this down for better understanding.

Threats of digital networks for businesses

Corporate owners are finding it difficult to track the productivity of their employees. A number of businesses are suffering because of the compromised productivity of their employees due to many reasons.

The main reason for this compromised productivity is the digital distractions at the workplace. Social media, online music and video streaming are the noteworthy distractions that affect the productivity of the employees.

Moreover, a few employers have concerns about maintaining the secrets of their businesses. A number of cases are reported in which employees were found sharing the deep side secrets of the business with irrelevant and unconcerned people.

Besides this, the threats of cyber-attacks are very much on the cards now. Businesses get on the brink of collapsing if a cyber-attack happens on the business data.

  • Cyber Attacks and threats
  • Maintain business secrecy
  • Decreased employee productivity

Threats of digital networks for the kids

The main problems of using digital networks for the kids include harassment, cyber bullying, cyber predating, and sex offending.

The problem gets more intense when kids do not share the on-going situation with the parents because of the fear of reputation and credibility loss.

The experts suggest that parents should give enough confidence and space to their kids so that they may be able to tell the parents all their problems. These criminal offenses on kids are most commonly done through social networks.

  • Cyber bullying 
  • Sex offending
  • Cyber predating

The solution to the problems of parents and employers

The best solution that can address all the issues of employers and parents is the use of efficient computer monitoring software that can actively monitor and track all the activities over the computer system.

There are plenty of computer monitoring solutions available, but the best of them, as analyzed, is TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy came into existence in 2011, and is proudly serving its customers since its inception. It has an iPhone and Android spying solution as well.

The computer monitoring software does all this without any hint to the target user.

Let’s discuss the key features of the monitoring facility.

TheOneSpy – Best computer monitoring software

Website blocking feature

The website blocking feature of TheOneSpy allows blocking specific websites that are not considered as suitable for kids and employees.

The employer can block websites that are supposed to have the presence of cyber criminals that can harm the business standing.

A large number of businesses get affected by cyber-attacks in 2019, and around 4.1 billion records were stolen from the business devices. The most common sources of these cyber-attacks are insecure ecommerce platforms and financial gateways.

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Moreover, the kids’ computer can be blocked to access websites that contain sexually explicit content.

Capturing screenshots

The software captures screenshots of live screen activities according to prescribed timeframe and frequency. The end-user defines the number of screenshots to be captured after a specific time period.

This earns a fair insight into the real-time happenings over the target computer device.

Mighty alarms

The mighty alarms feature alarms the end-user’s device if any prohibited activity takes place on the target computer.

For example, if the kid browses websites that are marked as restricted in the control panel, the software notifies the parent about the respective activity.

In the same way, the music and video streaming websites and social networks can be added to the ‘restricted activities tab’ so that productivity issues can be addressed.

Other features include social media monitoring, productive/unproductive tabs, and many others.


The significance of using computer monitoring software for parents and employers is discussed. The best computer monitoring solution is TheOneSpy, which provides a fair view of all the activities of the kids and employees over the computer.

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