Details of Singapore employment pass renewal

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Are you an employment pass holder? Or perhaps are you thinking of upgrading to an E pass Singapore visa? Or could you be just planning to apply for one? Whatever your situation may be, the E Pass is a good work visa that you can get from all the other work visas. That is because compared to other passes, the E Pass has a lot of perks.

Why renew the employment pass visa?

An employment pass Singapore holder may be tied to a single employer like most of the other work visas. What makes this different is that this employment visa allows the holder to apply for Dependent Passes and Long Term Visit Passes for their family members.

 Furthermore, if they choose to stay in Singapore permanently, they can qualify for permanent resident status if they are an E pass Singapore holder. If you are not ready to stay in Singapore permanently, you can always renew the visa. Speaking of renewing, here is a list of details on the Singapore employment visa renewal that you should definitely know about.

Things to know about renewing your E Pass visa

#1 - Renew before the employment pass Singapore visa expires

The first thing that you need to know about renewing your E Pass is that there is a specific time when you can do it. You can start the renewal process six months before the E pass Singapore expiry date. This means that if your E Pass expires on December 15, you can start applying for renewal on July 16.

If you weren’t able to renew before the expiration date, you will have to apply for an employment visa cancellation. If you still want to continue to work in Singapore, you will have to re-apply for the E Pass instead of renewing. Thus, make sure that if you plan to renew, do not let the employment visa expires first.

#2 - E Pass renewal done online

Similar to the E pass Singapore application process, the renewal process can be done online. If you’re an E pass holder who is not part of a sponsorship scheme, your employer can apply for renewal through EP Online or the myMOM portal. You will just fill in the application form and upload the documents stated on the form. Once submitted, you will have to wait for the approval process to be complete. Once completed, you will be given an IPA and a notification letter that will tell you your next steps in the employment pass Singapore renewal.

#3 -  Employment pass renewal that can be done by mail

Not all renewal applications can be done online. That is the situation if you are an E Pass holder under a sponsorship scheme. If you wish to renew your employment visa, you will have to mail your application and documents. You will be given a form that can be downloaded online and print out. Then, you will input the information and included the requested documents.

Afterward, you mail the employment pass Singapore renewal application at the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower. This division is found at 18 Havelock Road Singapore 059764. The result of your renewal application will get to you through the email address you have provided.

#4 - What to do with the old E pass Singapore card

In the notification letter, it will be noted what you will do with your current employment card after you get approved for renewal. There are two possibilities for what will be stated in the letter. The first one is that you have to keep the E Pass card. This means that you don’t need to return it or discard it because you will continue to use it. If you want to return your E Pass card for replacement, you can but you have to pay S$60.

The second scenario is it will ask you to discard it. That is because you will be getting a new E Pass card without cost. Before you discard the old one, you will have to cut it into two to avoid it being used by others.

Before you apply for a renewal of your E pass Singapore visa, ensure that you know how to do so. This is so the renewal process can be done smoothly without issues.

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