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    It's madness. More than half of local job seekers are ready to become clients. That's why we've put together this guide to help you master GMB, get the most out of its features, and get as many customers as possible. Scroll through each section.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

3 ways virtual tours revolutionised digital marketing


The 3d virtual tour is a dynamic tool in today’s digital marketing industry. Businesses are constantly trying to uphold their marketing strategies and keep up with current trends. One method that is competitively on the rise is to create a virtual tour.

The purpose of a 3d virtual tour is to offer users an immersive experience of an existing location in the comfort of their own devices. That said, how has the 3d virtual tour impacted the digital marketing setting? According to analysts, the conversion rate of advertisements with a 3d virtual tour is increased by 40% in comparison to traditional advertisements.

Implementing a 3d virtual tour will set your business apart from competitors. Businesses that create a virtual tour will be more likely to receive longer engagement from potential customers. Visuals tend to attract customers more than other forms of content. Therefore, more and more digital marketing companies are implementing the 3d virtual tour to their services. Digital marketing is constantly evolving on a daily basis. How has the 3d virtual tour revolutionised digital marketing? In this article, we talk about three ways on how virtual tours are changing the digital marketing scene.

1. Visual experience

Visual marketing has increasingly been rising in the past few years. In comparison to high graphic displays, the 3d virtual tour takes visual transmission to another level. Visual information is key to attract more visitors and potentially convert them into customers. Businesses that create a virtual tour in the real estate industry for example, are simply taking their potential customers to a desired location through the use of 360 images. This 3d virtual tour can demonstrate the details of each house and customers can make decisions in the comfort of their own home. The visual information within the tour will answer most of the questions that guests have.


Before businesses started to implement and create a virtual tour, they had to rely on high quality photographs or graphics to sell their products or services. This tactic worked in some cases, however it did not deem as persuasive enough to turn visitors into clients. The visual experience that an individual attains from a 3d virtual tour is much more detailed and immersive. This will in turn increase digital traffic which will drive up sales.

2. Interactivity

The enhancement of interactivity will be a major determining factor for the 3d virtual tour technology for years to come. Interactivity within a 3d virtual tour comes from incorporating additional content. The term “Hot Spots” are where visitors can get up close and personal with specific features of the product or exhibit that is displayed. When businesses create a virtual tour, they can add embedded images to help your viewers get a closer look at the details. A 3d virtual tour also allows you to add supplemental text that can be informative for your clients. Interaction can also come from audio in the form of a voice-over or a soundtrack. Video clips within the 3d virtual tour is a form of interaction to communicate directly with your audience. Floor maps is another interactive feature  to help viewers navigate within the virtual tour.

Interactive virtual tours have changed the scene of the digital marketing world for multiple industries. Museums and galleries can create a virtual tour as an educational tool in which it displays educational content, links and interactive media. More conventional companies can use interactive virtual tours to strengthen brand connection and add valuable content.

All forms of industries can benefit from an interactive 360 virtual tour. It is great for business to create a virtual tour that has an immersive user-experience that is engaging, informative and enjoyable. The 3d virtual tour has changed the way a brand establishes an emotional connection with their audience. With the combination of visuals and interaction, more customers are inclined to acquire the product or service.

3. Immersion

Immersive experiences are the feeling of being in one location when in fact you are in another. Virtual reality has paved the way for digital marketing in the sense that businesses can use real life-like experiences to gain interest from their audiences. A real estate agency for example, will deliver virtual tours of their properties for customers to be fully immersed in their surroundings. Using these marketing tools, viewers can look at specific details and features of a property without having to be there. In some cases you may catch more details on a virtual tour than in real life itself.

The 360-degree surroundings that you get when it comes to virtual reality, revolutionizes the production, delivery and consumption of content. Virtual tours is one of the many that businesses can display their content in a 360-degree fashion to garner more attention. It is said that an image speaks a thousand words. Therefore, imagine the effects of a virtual reality tour. The amount of sights that users can capture all through the use of modern technology. This game-changer tool is a way for digital marketing to reach new heights. Digital marketing companies are consistently finding ways to keep up to date with all the latest cutting-edge technologies and tools. With the use of virtual reality software, digital marketing companies can help create an immersive virtual tour for any industry.

In summary

Virtual tours have revolutionized digital marketing in the sense that previously consumers had to visit the location itself to really get a grasp of what the business is offering them. However with 3d virtual tour technology, consumers can make buying decisions within the comfort of their own home. In a way virtual reality tours have built more trust between consumers and businesses. The digital marketing industry can benefit from all these qualities that virtual reality tours have to offer.

 Previous Article : Details of Singapore employment pass renewal

Details of Singapore employment pass renewal

Are you an employment pass holder? Or perhaps are you thinking of upgrading to an E pass Singapore visa? Or could you be just planning to apply for one? Whatever your situation may be, the E Pass is a good work visa that you can get from all the other work visas. That is because compared to other passes, the E Pass has a lot of perks.

Why renew the employment pass visa?

An employment pass Singapore holder may be tied to a single employer like most of the other work visas. What makes this different is that this employment visa allows the holder to apply for Dependent Passes and Long Term Visit Passes for their family members.

 Furthermore, if they choose to stay in Singapore permanently, they can qualify for permanent resident status if they are an E pass Singapore holder. If you are not ready to stay in Singapore permanently, you can always renew the visa. Speaking of renewing, here is a list of details on the Singapore employment visa renewal that you should definitely know about.

Things to know about renewing your E Pass visa

#1 - Renew before the employment pass Singapore visa expires

The first thing that you need to know about renewing your E Pass is that there is a specific time when you can do it. You can start the renewal process six months before the E pass Singapore expiry date. This means that if your E Pass expires on December 15, you can start applying for renewal on July 16.

If you weren’t able to renew before the expiration date, you will have to apply for an employment visa cancellation. If you still want to continue to work in Singapore, you will have to re-apply for the E Pass instead of renewing. Thus, make sure that if you plan to renew, do not let the employment visa expires first.

#2 - E Pass renewal done online

Similar to the E pass Singapore application process, the renewal process can be done online. If you’re an E pass holder who is not part of a sponsorship scheme, your employer can apply for renewal through EP Online or the myMOM portal. You will just fill in the application form and upload the documents stated on the form. Once submitted, you will have to wait for the approval process to be complete. Once completed, you will be given an IPA and a notification letter that will tell you your next steps in the employment pass Singapore renewal.

#3 -  Employment pass renewal that can be done by mail

Not all renewal applications can be done online. That is the situation if you are an E Pass holder under a sponsorship scheme. If you wish to renew your employment visa, you will have to mail your application and documents. You will be given a form that can be downloaded online and print out. Then, you will input the information and included the requested documents.

Afterward, you mail the employment pass Singapore renewal application at the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower. This division is found at 18 Havelock Road Singapore 059764. The result of your renewal application will get to you through the email address you have provided.

#4 - What to do with the old E pass Singapore card

In the notification letter, it will be noted what you will do with your current employment card after you get approved for renewal. There are two possibilities for what will be stated in the letter. The first one is that you have to keep the E Pass card. This means that you don’t need to return it or discard it because you will continue to use it. If you want to return your E Pass card for replacement, you can but you have to pay S$60.

The second scenario is it will ask you to discard it. That is because you will be getting a new E Pass card without cost. Before you discard the old one, you will have to cut it into two to avoid it being used by others.

Before you apply for a renewal of your E pass Singapore visa, ensure that you know how to do so. This is so the renewal process can be done smoothly without issues.

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Turn off some settings which may irritate you


Facebook gives us so much: approaches to associate with old companions and stay in contact with relatives, perpetual formula recordings to observe however never make, and even an approach to get a statement from a jack of all trades. Yet, with each new component turn out comes notice, security, and now and again butt-dialing results, and we're over it. From troublesome warnings to "On This Day" recollections you might not have any desire to recall, here's the manner by which to assume responsibility for your Facebook experience. If belo settings don't work properly then contact facebook customer service number for more information.

1: On This Day Memories 

A few recollections have a place before. You can handle whether you get any of the On This Day memory posts and even go similarly as posting a particular individual and a particular date that you would prefer not to be helped to remember. On the left-hand side, in the very section that has your News Feed, Messenger, and Marketplace recorded go down to Explore and discover "On This Day." Click on this page to one or the other experience all your old recollections that occurred on this day, limit what recollections you see, or the entirety of the abovementioned. On the upper right-hand side, you will see "Notices" and "Inclinations." Notifications will permit you to control all the recollections choosing whether you need to see none at all or simply the features. Inclination is the place where you can get down to the bare essentials and choose if there are certain individuals or certain days you would prefer not be helped to remember. You make the standards! 

2: Auto-Play Videos 

Looking through your newsfeed, there are a few recordings you simply don't have any desire to see however with no notice they play in any case. To prevent recordings from auto playing you should simply go to "Settings," click on the "Video" area, select the drop-down menu to one side of "Auto-Play Videos" and change it from default to off. 

3: Area Sharing 

With Facebook Messenger, you would now be able to perceive what companions are close by, yet to do so you need to impart your area to Facebook. On the off chance that you need Facebook to quit sharing your area you should simply go to "Settings" on your Facebook application, click "Area," and ensure Location is set to never. You can generally change this back should you choose you need to begin sharing your area once more. 

4: Live Notifications 

Nothing unexpected, with Facebook Live came more warnings. If you are labeled in a video, Facebook tells you when companions go live—in the event that you get yourself as a general rule, not tuning in you can kill these warnings with only a few ticks. Under Settings go to "Warnings," click "On Facebook" to get a rundown of notices you can handle—when you find "Live Videos" change the drop-down menu to off. You can likewise control warnings about labels, birthday events, commercial center and more here. 

5: Gathering Notifications 

Getting notices from a gathering you joined years back yet aren't prepared to leave yet? Turn those awful young men off. At the highest point of the gathering page click on "Notices" and pick your toxic substance: "All posts," "features," "companions posts," or my undisputed top choice, "Off." 

6: Messages Read Notifications 

Open a message before you are prepared to react and don't have any desire to leave somebody on peruse or neglect to answer later? Forget about it. You can undoubtedly stamp messages as uninitiated giving yourself a smidgen more opportunity to figure a reaction. Close to every discussion under your messages, you will see a little hover on the right, if the circle is open it implies the message has been set apart as perused, in the event that it is shut it has been set apart as uninitiated. To change a message from read to uninitiated and vise versa simply click the circle. Presto! 

7: Video/Voice Calls by means of Facebook Messenger 

It's conceivable to unintentionally ring a companion through Facebook courier (the 2017 rendition of butt dialing), and your wireless' information plan will be charged when it occurs. Stay away from that drivel by doing this: On your work area, click the stuff symbol on the talk board and select "Mood killer Video/Voice Calls." While you're here you can likewise kill "Visit Sounds" in the event that you so decide. To kill Voice Calls on the courier application is somewhat more included. You need to eliminate the amplifier authorizations for the application—to do so go to "Framework Preferences" on an iOS gadget and essentially flip the receiver off. This way when you attempt to settle on a decision through the Messenger application, you will be encouraged to allow Messenger to get to the mouthpiece before the call is set. Consider 2017 butt-dialing tackled. 

8: Candy Crush Invitations 

Do you have a Facebook companion from secondary school who we haven't addressed in years yet they continue to welcome you to play Candy Crush on Facebook? Not to stress, you can end that by hindering their application welcomes. You should simply go to "Settings," select "Impeding," and type the name(s) of your friend(s) who you would prefer not to get welcomes from. This additionally works for occasions, applications as a rule, pages, and messages. 

9: Notices About Friends Attending Events Near You 

Since listening to this: You presumably couldn't care less, since it's most likely not something you truly invest energy with IRL (and on the off chance that you do, at that point, odds are, you definitely realize they're going). This one is simple, the following time you get a notice that companions are "going to an occasion close to you" that occasionally isn't even truly approach you in light of the fact that Facebook failed to remember that you moved—you should simply tap the ellipsis on the privilege and select "Mood killer warnings about companions going to occasions close to you." Works like nothing else. 

10: Advertisements You Don't Want to See 

In the event that you are either feeling focused by your Facebook advertisements or are basically being indicated content you are not keen on, you are in good company. The following time a promotion you would lean toward not to see springs up snap the ellipsis on the privilege and select "Conceal Ad," you at that point will have the choice to "Stow away all promotions from… " click this and you are liberated from the rules of this particular notice. On Facebook at any rate.

Previous Article : The complete guide to google my business

Friday, 1 January 2021

The complete guide to google my business

The complete guide to google my business


Google My Business (GMB) is an essential marketing tool for any business, including physical sites. With GMB you can update your business information on Google, appear on Google Maps, customers can book your location (and get directions and communicate with their location) and interact with existing and potential customers through Google Reviews. . How important is Google to my business? Consider this:

About 53% of clients come to work within 48 hours of a local Google search.

It's madness. More than half of local job seekers are ready to become clients. That's why we've put together this guide to help you master GMB, get the most out of its features, and get as many customers as possible. Scroll through each section.

Set up your Google My Business

Adding your business address to Google My Business is more complicated than just entering your name, address, and phone number. Often, you need to claim pre-existing ads, verify your information, and choose the features that are appropriate for your ad.

Google is my business division

If you create or add your business to Google using "Google My Business", you can choose from a list of categories to provide more precise information about your business. For example, if you run Taco Bell Marketing, you can (probably) place your business in the "Mexican Restaurant" section.

Discover companies on Google

The next step is to legitimize Google My Business Verification, which you own or represent on your business listing. To do this, Google is going back to the old days. You will usually be sent a verification code (yes, by mail); Takes 1 to 2 weeks. Once you enter the code into your account, you can finally start managing your local business information on Google. You can check your email, phone, and Google search console in any other way on GMB, but they are not usually available. If you see phone codes and phone verification options, Google advises you to choose multiple postcards because it's very fast.

Google overall site for my business

If you manage multiple corporate sites (10 or more), you do not need to add any to your GMB. You can also use the Google My Business Group management tool. To download sites from a spreadsheet, visit the "Google My Business Sites" page (you must use a form in the spreadsheet) and edit the information for each site. (Note: you currently need to use this feature from Classic GMB mode because it is not yet available in the new version)

Add Google business details

A summary of your business description will appear on Google (up to 750 characters) when a user searches your local business or sees your listing on Google on a desktop or mobile device. These usually appear on Google in addition to your online reviews and ratings, or your business review snippet. (Review snippets are algorithmically correct quotes from Google users and local directories that provide information about keywords frequently mentioned by reviewers).

Final Words

Google my business is one of the most important features of Google services. You can list your local services on google map of your targeted area. It would be good if you can collect some reviews from your customers. Reviews will help you make your business trustworthy. You can also buy some google my business reviews from review sellers that will help you out.